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Week of 7/30

Splash provides a leading end-to-end event marketing platform. They make in-person events easy to manage and make it simple to create beautifully designed landing pages. Customer education is a top priority for the Splash team, and they use webinars to extend their reach, drive product adoption and usage, and to tell a consistent brand story. I'm excited to walk you though this week's weekly webinerd inspiration courtesy of the Splash Team.

Spring Fling: A Bold Exploration of Extraordinary Splash Pages.

Here’s what I LOVED about the webinar, Spring Fling: A Bold Exploration of Extraordinary Splash Pages.

  1. It’s a part of a seasonal education series, targeted at customers. This year Splash launched the Spring Fling series, which is comprised of 5 sessions over a 5 week period. Each webinar covered product demos and commonly asked questions from different areas of their product and provided best practices for event marketing execution and strategy. By packaging these in a series that are time-bound and relevant, customers are more likely to sign up for all sessions at once and more likely to show-up. Check out the complete series landing page here.
  2. The smiles! :) It shows off presenters through video. Splash takes human engagement to the next level by getting on camera and showing their customers the actual person behind the webinar. I genuinely believe this drives more engagement because it makes people feel like they’re apart of the conversation.
  3. The branding is bright, beautiful… and PINK! They do a great job showcasing the same bright branding from their website all the way to their webinar console and widgets. Their normal colors are purple, but I like how they went with pink for the series to mix it up and make it stand out.

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Tiffany Beddow, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager


Re-live the event button for on-demand webcast. Love it.

Great use of space and great attention to detail with the alignment of the widgets and creative.

I wish our folks would start doing these on camera rather than just with decks and audio. Way more engaging.

For me, the pink is a little much. As an attendee, I would prefer something a little more subdued.

Lots of opportunities for engagement in the platform.

Lot of learning too

Very nicely done

Great to see this. We have to use our own Corp templates however

We have to use our own Corp branding on our templates. ;-)

Love renaming the idea of content widget as "Tools to be Great"

Week of 8/6

WeigthWatchers uses webinars to add value to its existing member base. Every month, they bring on health and wellness thought leaders to share tips and ideas around living a well balanced life. In this week’s webinerd inspiration, I’m excited to highlight the webinar, Cooking with Julie: What’s for Dinner? Meal Planning Solutions for the Workweek.

Here’s what we loved:

  1. The helpful resources. I love that the WeightWatchers team shares handy takeaways for attendees. These recipes and weekly planners are super actionalable. By providing a ton of value for their audience, I’ll bet that attendees are more likely to show up for the next WeightWatchers webinar.

  2. Call out to register for another webinar. Driving registration is one of the toughest challenges of webinar marketing. So why not take advantage of the captive audience and promote an upcoming webinar? I’ve found in my webinars that usually 17% of live attendees register for another event if you present it to them. I just love how the WeightWatchers them has embedded the CTA into their console here!

  3. How-to demo. Instead of just pushing through slides, the WeightWatchers team actually incorporates a pre-recorded session of their presenter/chef making the meals discussed. This brings the entire webinar to life!

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Tiffany Beddow

I liked the way that they laid out their components on the side, especially fitting "Tools to be Great" perfectly for the page size. Awesome!

Small thing, but I love the informal way that the bio has been written -- and it makes sense in the context of a webinar since the person is right there speaking to you.

I think continuing the purple color scheme on the widgets and in the tool bar would be good.

Also, maybe this isn't appropriate for this webcast, but some social media links in the toolbar might be an opportunity?

Love the meal planner on the weight watcher's one! A great tie in.

Week of 8/27

Mimeo is a leading online printing company, offering digital distribution and online printing solutions. Mimeo focuses their webinar strategy at the bottom of the funnel, by running daily product demonstrations of their platform. While this isn’t unusual for companies to do, I love how they’ve saved time by recording the demo once and then repurposing the recording as a simu-live webinar for each session so it "feels" live for the attendees. They also made these webinars short and sweet, only 30 minutes, allowing folks to watch easily over their lunch break.

Here are the three things that rock about their Daily Lunch Break Demo webinar series:

  1. Housekeeping slide. A clear housekeeping slide is always helpful when oriententing your audience with the webinar experience and a great opportunity to call out any important CTAs. The Mimeo team gets their message across by taking a screenshot of the console and pointing to the relevant areas of the console that the audience needs to know about.
  2. Vertical specific case studies as resources. I love that the Mimeo team loaded up their resources with customer stories. Since these lunch break demo webinars are high-level and for any audience, case study downloads based on different verticals like healthcare and manufacturing arm the mimeo sales and marketing team with actionable data for a more targeted demo and conversation.
  3. The theme and consistent branding. Their console definitely pops… and makes me hungry! They do an awesome job at keeping the webinar consistent with the “Lunch Break” theme.

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Tiffany Beddow

These interfaces are very nice. Makes me want to take more time to re-design ours.

Great one. I think my focus would be on capturing the audience's questions each time in order to ensure that everything is covered by the webcast. (Given that it's not actually live.)

That way FAQs can be updated to include details that aren't covered until a new version can be recorded that covers whatever was missed.

Not sure I like the food theme. I think a graphic that reflects the gains in efficiency you'll make with the platform would be more compelling. (Like in the Siemens infographic.)

Hi Osman, that is a great point! Their infographic is way more compelling!

Great job, Zach has a bit of an echo that is very distracting, I'd encourage them to test audio and figure out some different settings.

nice content